Un Mind is a captivating collection that showcases the artistic journey of the past 22 years. Divided into three parts, namely past, present, and future, each section offers a unique perspective. The past collection takes inspiration from the artist's old sets and scrap materials, resulting in stunning installations and sculptures. The present collection draws inspiration from the enchanting beauty of Bhutan and its natural landscapes. It is an exciting collaboration between local artists, creating a fusion of artistic expressions. Lastly, the future collection is influenced by the concept of Nar Nari (Man = Female), utilizing the vibrant Bhutanese mud color and intricately crafted handmade paper. Un Mind is a testament to the artist's creativity and growth throughout the years, leaving viewers captivated and inspired.

Collection 1 : PURVA (PAST )


Collection III : Future (Bhavishya)

UnMind VIP preview photographs 19th Jan 2024

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